Spotlight on the Heated Front Sampling End & Integrated Beam Stop & Chopper
As advancements in scientific technology continue to unfold, researchers in the realm of molecular beam mass spectrometry (MBMS) have a new cause for excitement. The HPR-60 MBMS Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometer, renowned for its exceptional performance and versatility, now boasts two significant new features that are set to revolutionize the way you handle your molecular beam experiments: the heated front sampling end and an integrated beam stop and chopper.

Maintain Sample Temperature with the HPR-60 MBMS’s Heated Front Sampling End
If you’ve ever had to battle sample degradation due to temperature loss during your mass spectrometry experiments, you’ll appreciate this groundbreaking feature. The HPR-60 MBMS’s heated front sampling end maintains the sample temperature up to an impressive 1000°C from the reactor to the sampling orifice. This ensures that your sample’s integrity is preserved throughout the process, ultimately improving the accuracy and reliability of your results.

This option is seamlessly incorporated into the HPR-60 MBMS via an innovative sample inlet heater interface. It simplifies sample management, making your job easier and more efficient. The heated front sampling end is not just an optional feature but a powerful tool that can elevate the level of your molecular beam experiments.

Heated Front Inlet

Unleash the Power of Automation with the Integrated Beam Stop and Chopper
The new HPR-60 MBMS isn’t just about maintaining temperatures; it’s also about automation and efficiency. The system now includes a manual beam stop and an optional integrated molecular beam chopper. These features give you the control and flexibility you need to fine-tune your experimental setup.

The manual beam stop is perfect for sample beam-to-background measurement, offering you a convenient way to control the sample beam manually. On the other hand, the optional integrated molecular beam chopper is a game-changer for automated simultaneous acquisition of foreground and background data.

With the molecular beam chopper, you can obtain real-time molecular beam signal display. This feature provides immediate feedback, helping you adjust your experiment on the go. Plus, it offers instantaneous beam background subtraction, eliminating the hassle of manual calculations and enabling you to focus more on data interpretation.

The heated front sampling end and integrated beam stop and chopper are just two examples of how the HPR-60 MBMS is pushing boundaries in the field of molecular beam mass spectrometry. Whether you’re an experienced researcher or new to this field, these features will make your work more precise, efficient, and rewarding.

The HPR-60 MBMS demonstrates a commitment to advancing scientific technology, integrating cutting-edge features that researchers need to drive their experiments forward. It’s not just a piece of equipment—it’s a partner in the lab, supporting and enhancing your work to ensure you achieve the best results possible.

Explore these innovative features of the HPR-60 MBMS today and take your molecular beam mass spectrometry to the next level.

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