Real-time gas analysis and reaction monitoring using mass spectrometry has opened up new possibilities in various industries, including biotech, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, and chemical synthesis. With the Hiden QGA system, researchers and professionals can benefit from the latest advancements in mass spectrometry for real-time multi-species quantitative gas analysis.

Continuous and Accurate Reaction Monitoring with Real-Time Analysis

Real-time analysis using mass spectrometry instruments enables constant qualitative and quantitative information on chemical concentrations or the formation of new species in an active reaction mixture [1]. This is particularly important in biotech and fermentation processes, which require carefully balanced oxygen uptake and carbon production rates for optimal yields. Real-time gas analysis also benefits atmospheric monitoring and the evaluation of catalyst efficiency for CO2 capture and reduction [2].

Latest Features of the Hiden QGA System

The Hiden QGA system, built upon the powerful HAL 201 RC residual gas analysis mass spectrometer, offers a standard mass range of 1-200 atomic mass units (amu) and detection over an extremely high dynamic range of up to 100% [3]. This enables the quantification of gas and vapor species at concentrations as low as 100 parts per billion (ppb).

With a nominal response time of just 300 milliseconds (ms), the Hiden QGA can rapidly detect most common species of interest [3]. The system offers measurement speeds of up to 650 readings per second, thanks to its internal dual electron multiplier and Faraday detectors, as well as a precision quartz inlet heated capillary (QIC) sampling interface.

As a standard feature, the Hiden QIC capillary inlet can operate at pressures from 100 mbar to 2 bar and elevated temperatures of 200°C [3]. However, the system offers additional options for higher temperature inlets operating at up to 450°C and high-pressure gas analysis sampling up to 30 Bar. Furthermore, a range of extremely low-pressure (<100mbar) sampling options is also available to cater to various application requirements.


The advancements in real-time gas analysis and reaction monitoring using mass spectrometry, combined with the latest features of the Hiden QGA system, make it a highly versatile and powerful tool for various applications. With its wide mass sampling range, rapid response rates, and detection over a high dynamic range, mass spectrometry has become an even more powerful tool in fields such as biotech, petrochemical, environmental monitoring, and chemical synthesis.

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