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A gas analyzer is an analytical instrument used to identify the concentration of known gases in an atmosphere that contains multiple gases. It is used to monitor and assist in areas such as process safety improvement, quality studies, efficiency analysis, and emissions monitoring. The following will explain some common applications and uses of gas analyzers.

Fuel Cells

Commonly found in the automotive sector, gas analyzers are invaluable in the research and development of fuel cells for sustainable energy systems. More research is still required before they are considered an efficient solution and a gas analyzer is critical to this, identifying for example, fuel cell contamination and emission levels – helping to identify methods for reducing their concentration. Hiden Analytical’s gas analyzers have a rapid response time, excellent repeatability, linearity, and wide dynamic range.


Gas analyzers can be used to determine the compounds present in breath – with applications in physiology, medicine and sports science. They can help determine any stressors, diseases, or physiological changes. Our gas analyzers are non-invasive and track compound concentrations in real time.

Gas Separation

Many sectors such as environmental, petrochemical, and gas storage use gas separation as an everyday tool. A common application is the separation of CO2 from other gases in the atmosphere in an effort to reduce climate change and other adverse effects. Gas analyzers are the perfect tool for identifying where CO2 is prominent in the atmosphere in order to remove it and purify the air. Hiden Analytical’s gas analyzers provide some of the fastest identification of gases.

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