Why Does Nanotechnology Require Mass Spectrometry?

Why Does Nanotechnology Require Mass Spectrometry?

The field of Nanotechnology encompasses applications in the research and development of matter at the molecular, macromolecular, or atomic scale – with dimensions in the order of 1-100 nanometers. At this scale materials exhibit different quantum mechanical properties...

Gas Analyzers for Fermentation Monitoring

Fermentation is a biologically active process that metabolizes organic products in a controlled environment. Industrial fermentation typically takes place in a sealed bioreactor comprising multiple components, including air and reagent gas inlets, a mechanical...

What is TPR?

Temperature programmed reduction (TPR) is a material characterization process commonly used in catalysis characterization and screening to examine the surface chemistry of metals and metal oxides under varying thermal conditions. TPR-enabled mass spectrometry...

The Applications of Gas Analyzers

A gas analyzer is an analytical instrument used to identify the concentration of known gases in an atmosphere that contains multiple gases. It is used to monitor and assist in areas such as process safety improvement, quality studies, efficiency analysis, and...

Analyzers & Mass Spectrometers for Plasma Research

Hiden Analytical develops and manufactures a wide range of mass spectrometers and probes for precision diagnostic and analysis capability in plasma research. Plasma research is still a relatively new field of study, examining the state of charged particles of matter...

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